Indonesian coal

With 37,000Mt of proven coal reserves in 2018, Indonesia is fourth in the list of countries with biggest coal reserves in the Asia Pacific region. The country’s coal reserves account for 3.5% of the world’s total proven coal reserves.

Indonesian coal is always evaluated by coal experts in the world as a very good quality coal. Vietnam Industries Innovation JSC is proud to be the supplier of the highest quality Indonesian coal.

Russian coal

Russia is already the third-largest supplier to the seaborne market, behind Indonesia and Australia. Meanwhile, the coal industry has the most secure base in the country as Russia takes the second place in the world in coal resources and reserves.

With prices kept within a reasonable range, Russian coal is quite profitable, which will encourage the country’s producers to look at ways of increasing volumes further.

Australian coal

Australia has the fourth largest share of coal reserves in the world. This country is a leading supplier of high-quality coal to both mature and emerging markets, supplying an estimated 54% of world trade in metallurgical coal and 24% of world trade in thermal coal.

Australia’s high-energy, low-ash coal is valued for its suitability for advanced coal-generation technologies, low levels of other elements and reduced emissions per unit of energy produced.